What Are World Maps?

When you log in you will notice three buttons: City, Region, and World. City and Region we already know, but what is this World button? World displays a map of the world you are logged into (16,21,24, and so on). When clicked on, it displays a large map with the view centered on the continent you currently reside in. This Map gives you a good view of your enemies, friends, and alliance members. This map can be a very useful tool if used effectively.

How to Use the World Map Effectively

There are eight color-coded categories displayed on the map (not including shrines, moongates, and dungeons/bosses). A list of these categories is as follows:

  • Own Cities
  • Own Alliance
  • Allied Alliance
  • Non-Aggression Pact Alliance
  • Enemy Alliance
  • Other enemies (undefined)
  • Lawless cities
  • Friends

The way to make your world map efficient and easy to understand is by selecting fitting colors for each of these categories. To change the default colors click on the color next to each category. You can choose your own or use my suggestions.

  1. Own Cities (dark red)
  2. Own Alliance (green)
  3. Allied Alliance (yellow)
  4. Non-Aggression Pact Alliance (bright blue)
  5. Enemy Alliance (bright red)
  6. Other enemies (dark gray)
  7. Lawless cities (light gray)
  8. Friends (turquoise)