The World of Caledonia Edit

The world of Caledonia has 36 continents. They are numbered as such:

c00 c01 c02 c03 c04 c05
c10 c11 c12 c13 c14 c15
c20 c21 c22 c23 c24 c25
c30 c31 c32 c33 c34 c35
c40 c41 c42 c43 c44 c45
c50 c51 c52 c53 c54 c55

Though technically there are areas at the bottom and right edge of the map that suggest the world has 49 continents and is a 7x7 grid, it is really only a 6x6 grid with a small overflow at the bottom and right that contains 36 continents.  Continents do not occupy a whole 100x100 area, a lot of the area is ocean and the shape of the continent is random. 


The continent area a space is listed as depends on it's coordinates.  The coordinate system in Lord of Ultima is a standard x,y coordinate system with x being horizontal alignment and y being vertical alignment.

This is an easy way to determine which continent a city is on by looking at the coordinates:

Coordinates Continent area coordinates point to
000-100:yyy c00, c10, c20, c30, c40, and c50
101-200:yyy c01, c11, c21, c31, c41, and c51
201-300:yyy c02, c12, c22, c32, c42, and c52
301-400:yyy c03, c13, c23, c33, c43, and c53
401-500:yyy c04, c14, c24, c34, c44, and c54


c05, c15, c25, c35, c45, and c55
xxx:000-100 c00, c01, c02, c03, c04, and c05
xxx:101-200 c10, c11, c12, c13, c14, and c15
xxx:201-300 c20, c21, c22, c23, c24, and c25
xxx:301-400 c30, c31, c32, c33, c34, and c35
xxx:401-500 c40, c41, c42, c43, c44, and c45
xxx:501-600 c50, c51, c52, c53, c54, and c55

Continent GridsEdit

Each continent area is a 100x100 grid. Part of the 100x100 area is made up of ocean.  The actual continent contains cities, forests, mountains etc... Continents have rivers running through them which connect them to the sea which surrounds every continent.
An exception to the world of Caledonia exists on world 13 (West Coast Server) in which the world is composed into a 5x5 grid instead of the usual 6x6 grid. Thus this world contains 11 fewer continents than all other servers.