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Here are the various units that can be recruited:


City Guards
Enforcers of law and order, these stalwart fighters are trained to deal with any threat within a city’s walls.
Unshakable warriors they may be, berserker are also untrained and unarmored, which means they are among the first to fall in combat.
Skilled bowmen are deadly against ranks of infantry, which makes rangers essential for defending a city under siege.
Defensive soldiers, guardians are trained to unhorse cavalry with their deadly pikes.
Scouts are able to survey an enemy from afar, and return to provide vital intelligence on enemy cities. Use larger groups of Scouts are able to obtain more detailed reports.
The crossbow is an anti-cavalry weapon, but can be used with impunity against most any foe. This makes trained crossbowmen worth their weight in gold.
The heavy arms of a knight allows them to excel at siegecraft. Knights are notorious looters as well, able to carry more than their share of spoils.
Infantry, Magic-User
Arcane magic is a great equalizer, allowing a single mage to be a powerful combatant. Once the quarters are close, however, their benefit dissipates, for they are weak defensively.
Cavalry, Magic-User
Mages with war training, a warlock is a potent ally, and devastating enemy.
Infantry, Blessed
Soldiers of the temple possess powerful defenses against magic, and can lead others against such foes.
Cavalry, Blessed
Combining the power of a knight with the blessing of a templar, the paladin is a potent foe. Paladins are specially trained in combating spellcasters, and can protect many allies against magic.

Siege WeaponsEdit

Rams                     Although slow, a heavy ram is quite powerful. No city gate can withstand it's brute force for long.
Ballista Ballistae are powerful defensive weapons, deterring many armies from besieging the city. However, they can also be effective in the battlefield.
Catapults Hurling massive stones, catapults are especially powerful weapons for besieging enemy cities.


Sloops                    The small stature of the sloop defies its powerful array of defensive weapons. It is especially useful for escorting larger ships against enemy coastal cities.
Frigates In addition to ferrying troops to combat overseas, a frigate can bring a small amount of artillery to bear during a siege.
War Galleons The mighty galleon rules the seas. Dangerous to all foes, they are especially effective during a siege.


Icon units baron Barons                    While not combatants, baron are essential to a kingdom for only they can take control of defeated enemy castles, found new cities, and capture lawless cities.

Special UnitsEdit

Dragon Dragons                  Strong offensive unit. Avoid attacking Guardians or Crossbowmen.
Dragons can be raised by obtaining Dragon Eggs and converting them using a Dragon's Lair.

This content is from the The Codex of Editable Wisdom, A.K.A. The Ultima Codex. Fair use of this content is allowed under CC-by-SA license agreement.

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