Structures are buildings that can be built in order to perform a specific task. Only wood and stone resources are needed to create and upgrade structures. There are many functions of structures such as: support, unit recruitment, storage, army size, and resource mining. Some structures may have one main function and a secondary function.

Support StructuresEdit

Support structures are building that are created with the purpose to assist other structures in their main function. Examples of these types of buildings are Sawmill, Stonemason, Mill, and Foundry.

Unit RecruitmentEdit

Some structures allow you to recruit certain units for defensive or offensive purposes. Examples of these types of structures are: City Guard House, Training Ground, Stable, Moonglow Tower, Trinsic Temple, Workshop, and Shipyard.


The Warehouse is currently the only structure which can store resources.

Army Size (Barracks)Edit

Aside from the Castle this is the only one building that facilitates for army size.

Level Units

Recruit Bonus

1 10 1%
2 30 2%
3 60 4%
4 100 6%
5 160 8%
6 240 10%
7 350 13%
8 500 16%
9 700 20%
10 1000


These are the barrack capacities for cities with a level 10 castle:

Level Units Recruit Bonus
1 40 1%
2 120 2%
3 240 4%
4 400 6%
5 640 8%
6 960 10%
7 1400 13%
8 2000 16%
9 2800 20%
10 4000 25%

Placing a barracks beside military structure (eg. Workshop, Stable, etc..) will increase the recruit speed of those particular units, with the exception of City Guards.

Resource MiningEdit

Some structures are used to provide you city with resources to use. Examples of these structures are: Woodcutter's Hut, Iron Mine, Quarry, and the Farm.

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