How to Create Screenshots Edit

You've probably seen screenshots of various reports, like battles or scout reports, such as:


Here's an easy, step-by-step process to doing this.

On The PC Edit

Process 1: Edit

Find and open Paint, Photoshop, or your graphics program of choice.
Hit the Paste button, or CTRL V.
Your screenshot should appear.
Crop to the section you want to share.
Save the file, as a JPG or PNG. Note where you save it. I usually just drop it on the Desktop.
Go to, upload your screenshot. This requires no log-in, just a few clicks.
Note the URL, and send to your allies! It'll look something like this:

h2. Process 2: <
This tool allows you to to capture a screen shot, or snip, of any object on your screen, and then annotate, save, or share the image. Rectangular Shape, Free-form Shape, Whole Screen Or Window Snap Are Allowed.
h1. On the Mac OS
You can use the following shortcuts:
Command-Shift-3 - Take a screenshot of the screen, and save it as a file on the desktop.
Command-Shift-4, then select an area - Take a screenshot of an area and save it as a file on the desktop.
Command-Shift-4, then space, then click a window: Take a screenshot of a window and save it as a file on the desktop
Pressing shift with the above shortcuts saves the screenshot to the clipboard instead of file.
h1. Firefox Extention Screengrab <
More Information could be found on its website:
Note: Feel free to add instructions for other OS's._

Google Chrome Screen Capture Edit

You can use an all-in-one screen capture extension by Google for the Google Chrome web browser called Screen Capture(Screen Capture).

Windows 7/Vista Snipping ToolEdit

the Snipping Tool is a program that can be found in the accessories foulder of your start menu. When it opens, you can crop out a part of the screen, or the whole screen by dragging the cursor while holding it from the top left corner to the bottom right one.