These quests must be completed in order.

  • Move around (no reward)
  • Build woodcutter's hut (100w)
  • Build 3 woodcutter's huts (100w 100s)
  • Build a cottage (150w)
  • Build a warehouse (200w)
  • Upgrade TH to level 2 (250w)
  • Build a quarry (200s)
  • Build city wall (250s)
  • Build hideout (500w, 100s)
  • Upgrade TH to level 3 (250w, 250s)
  • Build a farm (100f)
  • Build a city guard house (400w)
  • Recruit 3 city guards (300s)
  • Build a ranger tower (1000w, 300s)
  • Upgrade TH to level 4 (no reward)
  • (Given daily free reward: Copper Axe: 5000w)
  • Use an artifact (no reward)
  • Build an iron mine (100i)
  • Build a barracks (200i)
  • Build a training ground (500i)
  • Recruit 5 berzerkers (500w)
  • Upgrade farm to level 2 (300f)
  • Switch to region view (1000w, 500s, 200f)

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