The Palace is a building in Lord of Ultima. It boosts the faith for the alliance in that virtue. A Palace can only be build in a city with a castle that is enlightened by a nearby shrine. It requires a free build slot and a 3x3 area in to place it in. A palace build, once ordered, cannot be canceled or moved in the build queue. Applying shovels or keys while the palace, or any other building, is being constructed will have no affect on build speed.

Map IconsEdit

Castles with palaces are visible on the main map. The icon will vary according to the level of the palace.

Palace Level 1 2-3 4-6 7-9 10
Active Palace Icon town palace 01 Icon town palace 02 Icon town palace 03 Icon town palace 04 Icon town palace 05

Palace BuildingEdit

Once a city has been enlightened it can begin dedicating resources towards the construction of a palace. Palaces require only wood and stone to build. Once the palace has been built, the enlightenment period ends, no matter how much time is left in the enlightenment period. A city cannot be enlightened if it is already enlightened by the shrine, is currently building a palace, is enlightened or has a palace of another faith, or already has a palace at Level 10.

Upgrading a palace requires a certain amount of alliance faith in the palace's virtue. It appears the current required faith values are:

Upgrade Level Faith Required Faith acquired
0 -> 1 0% 1%
1 -> 2 0% 2%
2 -> 3 0% 3%
3 -> 4 5% 4%
4 -> 5 10% 6%
5 -> 6 20% 8%
6 -> 7 35% 10%
7 -> 8 50% 13%
8 -> 9 70% 16%
9 -> 10 96% 20%
Palace LevelWood & Stone
TimeFaithCity Picture
0 Building palace construction
110 Million864000s (10 days)1
Building palace level 01
230 Million2592000s (30 days)2 Building palace level 02
360 Million5184000s (60 days)3 Building palace level 02
4100 Million8640000s (100 days)4 Building palace level 03
5250 Million12960000s (150 days)6 Building palace level 03
6350 Million19008000s (220 days)8 Building palace level 04
7500 Million25920000s (300 days)10 Building palace level 04
8800 Million38880000s (450 days)13 Building palace level 05
91 Billion51840000s (600 days)16 Building palace level 05
101.5 Billion 77760000s (900 days)20 Building palace level 06

Please note: Build times are without any Construction speed bonuses from CottagesResearch, or Faith.

Palace speed up strategyEdit

If you want to speed up your palace, use some of the keys and shovels you are gaining from raiding bosses, or buy them, and use them to add more construction speed. Just downgrade your Town Hall and use a key (assuming Valorite). Doing this several times can really help with some of those longer Palace builds. Don't use one while something is building on the queue, the currently building structure will not gain the effect.